About Us

Welcome to the Department of Physics web pages. This website is designed to give you an introduction to our undergraduate and postgraduate courses and our research activities. We pride ourselves as one of the internationally recognized premier departments for the quality of teaching and research and we hope that you will enjoy learning a little bit more about us.

The Department of Physics started in 1961 and runs as one of the most popular physics departments among other institutes across the country. The department has an international research reputation, with a many research contacts across the globe. Research in our department is traditionally organized within the general areas of Condensed Matter, Optics, Spectroscopy, Plasma and Theoretical physics. Our exceptional research profile directly feeds into our teaching experience. The courses are designed and taught by our internationally reputed academics carrying out cutting-edge physics research. Many optional modules are introduced from those research topics and the projects that were offered for 3/4th year students involve them working alongside academics in the department’s advanced research laboratories. All of our courses have been appreciated by many professional bodies for physicists in the world. Our courses are created in such a way that they are interdisciplinary in nature and can be chosen from any department within IITD, so one can tailor their degree to their interests.

We are one of the largest department in IITD with 37 faculty, running three M.Tech, one M.Sc and one B.Tech teaching programme alongside Ph.D. programme. Just for a glimpse, on average we produce 10 Ph.Ds and 134 under and postgraduate students per year!. In the last ten years, the department received more than Rs. 50 Crores worth sponsored research projects. Not to mention, our faculty strength was nationally and internationally recognized through many awards/fellowships such as SS Bhatnagar awards, ICO Galileo Galilei Awards, MRSI medals, INSA Fellows, OSA Fellows and so on. Apart from excellent facilities from individual and/or research groups, the department procured many cutting-edge technology instruments as central facilities.

We hope that this brief introduction to our physics department at Indian Institute of technology Delhi has conveyed to you the exciting developments in progress here with which you could have the opportunity to become involved.

Academic report of Physics Department for the duration 2005-2011