A.K. Shukla
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas,New Delhi-110016
Tel:+91-11-2659 1305 (O)

Areas of Interest

Laser, Semiconductor & Superconductors, Raman Spectroscopy, lon Implantation, Laser Annealing, Laser Ablation, Laser Induced Etching, Photoluminescence and Non-linear optical fringes, carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles.

About Prof. A. K. Shukla

Prof. A. K. Shukla is currently working as Professor in the Physics Department of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He obtained his M.Sc. from Delhi University and Ph. D from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. His Ph.D thesis deals with Raman spectroscopy of Pulsed laser annealed and ion implanted silicon. He has worked in the areas of Ion Implantation of Silicon, Laser Processing of Silicon and Laser Raman Spectroscopy of High Tc superconductors and thin films of hydrogenated amorphous silicon. He has done the deposition of superlattice of layered semiconductors by MBE during his post doctoral fellowship at University P&M Curie, Paris (France). His group has been working on the Laser Applications in the Nanoscience / Nanotechnology. Synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles ( silicon, germanium and GaAs etc.) has been done by ion implantation, laser annealing, laser ablation and laser induced etching processes. He has performed light scattering experiment, photoluminescence and non-linear optical fringe formation in various materials such as semiconductors. Many phases of silicon have been seen during amorphous-to-crystalline phase transition. Recently, he has been working on “Optical properties of carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. A large number of projects have been completed by him in the last several years. A large number of publications have resulted in the international journals.

Selected recent publications:

  1. A.K. Shukla, Rajesh Kumar and Vivek, Electronic Raman scattering in the Laser-etched silicon nanostuctures, J. Appl. Phys. , 107, 14306(2010).
  2. Himani Sharma, V. Kaushik, P. Girdhar, V.N. Singh, A.K. Shukla, V.D. Vankar, Enhanced electron emission from titanium coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes, Thin Solid Films , 518, 6915 (2010).
  3. Rajesh Kumar and A.K. Shukla, Quantum interference in Raman scattering from silicon nanostructures, Physics Letters A , 373, 2882(2009).
  4. Photo-excited Fano interaction in laser etched nanostructures J. Appl. Phys. . ,101,64315(2007).
  5. Quantum confinement effects in silicon nanocrystals produced by laser-inducted etching and cw laser annealing, Semicond. Sci. Technol.21,1627,(2006).
  6. Optical nonlinearity in silicon nanoparticles : effects of size and probing intensity, Phys. Rev. B,71,113313(2005).
  7. Non-linear phenomenon in nanocrystallites produced by laser induced etching, Optics Communications., 226, 405(2003).