Bhaskar Kanseri

Bhaskar Kanseri
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Tel:+91-11-2659 1111(O)

Research interests

Quantum science and technologies, Experimental quantum optics, Entanglement and squeezing, Non-linear optics, Optical coherence and polarization, Interferometry and metrology, Optical tomography, Spectral switching, Guided wave photonics

Professional details

  1. Current employment:
    Assistant Professor at Department of Physics, IIT Delhi, New Delhi India: 09/2015 onwards
  2. Past research experience:
    IOGS Postdoc at Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau France: 01/2014 - 09/2015
    CNRS Postdoc at Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau France: 11/2012 - 12/2013
    Max Planck Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen Germany: 07/2011 - 10/2012
    Research Associate (RA-CSIR) at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi India: 04/2011 - 06/2011
    CSIR Fellowship (JRF/SRF) at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi India: 08/2006 - 03/2011
  3. Past teaching experience:
    Lab course on Electronics for the treatment of Information at Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau France : 01/2015 - 06/2015
    Lecturer at Physics department of Kumaun University, SSJ Campus Almora: For academic year 2005-2006

Academic background:

  • PhD from Department of Physics, University of Delhi (jointly with NPL, New Delhi): Feb-2011
  • PhD Thesis Topic: Experimental studies of coherence and polarization properties of optical fields
  • M.Sc. in Physics from Kumaun University, SSJ Campus Almora: year 2005

Awards and fellowships:

  • "Kusuma trust" Young faculty incentive fellowship (IIT Delhi-India): September 2015 onwards
  • CNRS/IOGS Postdoctoral Fellowship (LCF-France): November 2012 to September 2015
  • Max Planck Postdoctoral Fellowship (MPL-Germany): July 2011 to October 2012
  • CSIR-Research Associateship (India): April 2011 to June 2011
  • CSIR-Research fellowship (JRF-SRF) India: August 2006-Marh 2011
  • Indian Laser Association (ILA) best thesis presentation award in DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium (NLS-19) held at RRCAT, Indore: December 2010
  • SPIE best paper presentation award in the International Conference on Optics and Photonics (ICOP) held in CSIO, Chandigarh: October/November 2009
  • DST travel fellowship to visit China for ICAMP summer school: June/July, 2009
  • Best poster award in Annual poster presentation (NPL, New Delhi): March 2008
  • CSIR-UGC-NET (JRF) in Physics: June 2005 (Selected among top 20% in all over India)
  • Secured 1st rank in M.Sc. Physics at Kumaun University Nainital for year 2005.
  • CSIR-UGC-NET (LS) in Physics: December 2004


B. Kanseri, Optical Coherence and Polarization: An Experimental Outlook, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany (2013) ISBN: 978-3-659-40382-8

Selected Publications (Peer reviewed journals):

  1. J. Etesse, M. Bouillard, B. Kanseri and R. Tualle-Brouri, Experimental generation of squeezed cat states with an operation allowing iterative growth, Physical Review Letters 114, 193602 (2015).
  2. J. Etesse, B. Kanseri and R. Tualle-Brouri, Iterative tailoring of optical quantum states with homodyne measurements, Optics Express 22, 30357 (2014).
  3. J. Etesse, R. Blandino, B. Kanseri and R. Tualle-Brouri, Proposal for a loophole-free violation of Bell inequalities with a set of single photons and homodyne measurements, New Journal of Physics 16, 053001 (2014).
  4. B. Kanseri, T. Iskhakov, M. Chekhova G. Rytikov and G. Leuchs, Multi-photon non-classical correlations in entangled squeezed vacuum states, Physical Review A 87, 032110 (2013).
  5. B. Kanseri, Polarization assisted data encoding and transmission using coherence based spectral anomalies, Journal of Optics 15, 055407 (2013).
  6. B. Kanseri, T. Iskhakov, I. Agafonov, M. Chekhova and G. Leuchs, Three dimensional quantum polarization tomography of macroscopic Bell states, Physical Review A 85, 022126 (2012).
  7. B. Kanseri, HC Kandpal and RC Budhani, Far field spectrum in surface plasmon-assisted Young’s double-slit interferometer, Optics Communications 285, 4811 (2012).
  8. B. Kanseri and HC Kandpal, Experimental study of the relation between degrees of coherence in space-time and space-frequency domain, Optics Express 18, 11838 (2010).
  9. B. Kanseri and HC Kandpal, Experimental observation of invariance of spectral degree of coherence with change in bandwidth of light, Optics Letters 35, 70 (2010).
  10. B. Kanseri and HC Kandpal, Experimental determination of two-point Stokes parameters for a partially coherent broadband beam, Optics Communications 283, 4558 (2010).
  11. B. Kanseri, S Rath and HC Kandpal, Direct determination of the generalized Stokes parameters from the usual Stokes parameters, Optics Letters 34, 719 (2009).
  12. B. Kanseri, S Rath and HC Kandpal, Determination of the Beam-coherence polarization matrix of a random electromagnetic beam, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 45, 1163 (2009).
  13. B. Kanseri and HC Kandpal, Experimental determination of the electric cross-spectral density matrix and generalized Stokes parameters of a laser beam, Optics Letters 33, 2410 (2008).
  14. B. Kanseri, NS Bisht, S Rath and HC Kandpal, Experimental observation of the Fresnel and Arago laws using Mach-Zehnder interferometer, American Journal of Physics 76, 39 (2008).