Cavity Optomechanics with Synthetic Landau Levels of Ultracold Fermi Gas


Cold Atom analogue of Shubnikov de Haas oscillation : Bulk properties of free electrons in metal such as resistivity, magnetization etc. oscillate periodically with change in a strong magnetic field, applied to them at a very low temperature. Ultracold atoms trapped inside an optical cavity, are now claimed to show a similar oscillation, popularly known as Shubnikov de Haas (SdH) oscillation. Electrons inside strong magnetic field arrange themselves in discrete set of quantum energy levels like a quantum simple harmonic oscillator. SdH oscillation reflects the fact that each such level is filled by not just one but many electrons. Lasers can be used to create artificial magnetic field for neutral cold atoms, leading to similar energy level configuration for the atoms. When the number of photons coming out of the cavity, after interacting with such atoms is measured, a similar oscillation shows up. It is claimed that this cavity-optomechanics with ultracold atoms can be used to understand their behavior inside an artificial magnetic field and might help to quantum simulate more exotic condensed matter phenomena in such systems.

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Bikash Padhi (EP) and Sankalpa Ghosh

Department of Physics