Dinesh K. Pandya

Dinesh K. Pandya
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Tel: +91-11-2659 1347 (O)
Fax: +91-11-2658 1114 (O)

Areas of Interest:

Nanoscale magnetic films, Nanogranular structures, Nanomultilayers and Nanowires, Materials issues in spin-polarized electron and thermal transport, Materials engineering of transparent conducting oxides.


I. I. T. Delhi, Thin Film Technology, Ph.D. 1975 “Obliquely Deposited Amorphous Ge Thin Films”
Delhi University, M.Sc. Physics (1970); B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics (1968)


  • I. I. T. Delhi, Professor of Physics (1990 - Present); Assistant Professor (1981–1990)
  • I. I. T. Delhi, Lectutrer, Center of Energy Studies (1977 - 1981)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, I. I. T. Delhi, National Project” Thin Film Solar Cells” (1975 - 1977)
  • Synthesis of ultrathin films and multilayers, Doped metal oxides, Thin film solar cells, Electronic and optical characterization of semiconductor films, X-ray reflectance analysis of nanolayers and interfaces.


Full Publications List

Book Chapter

Chemical Solution Deposition of Inorganic Films, K.L. Chopra, R.C. Kainthla, D.K. Pandya and A.P. Thakoor, in Physics of Thin Films, Vol. 12, Eds. G. Hass, M.H. Francombe, and J.L. Vossen (Academic Press, N.Y. 1982) Chapter 3, p. 168-235.

Recent Refereed Journal Articles

  • Tunneling behavior of ion-assist ion-beam sputtered CoFe/MgO/NiFe magnetic tunnel junctions, Materials Research Bulletin 47 (Sept. 2012) in press
  • Electric field driven growth of tin oxide thin films, Energy Procedia 15 (2012) 318-324.
  • Surface plasmon enhanced bandgap emission of electrochemically grown ZnO nanorods using Au nanoparticles, Thin Solid Films 520 (May 2012) 4646-4649.
  • Reduction in anti-ferromagnetic interactions in ion-beam deposited Fe3O4 thin films, J. Appl. Phys. 111 (April 2012) 073901.
  • Positive exchange bias in ion-beam sputtered IrMn/CoFeb system grown on CoFe seed layer, Nanoscience Nanotechnology Lett. 4 (2012) 651-655.

Most Cited Refereed Journal Articles in different areas

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  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Origin of Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in ZnO:Co (5 at%), Kanwal P. Bhatti, S. Chaudhary, Dinesh K Pandya, Subhash C Kashyap, J. Appl. Phys. 101 (May 2007) 103919. 21 times

International Collaborations:

  • Prof. J. P. Ansermet, Center for Nanoscale Physics, EPFL, Switzerland.
  • Prof. J. Narayan, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, NCSU, Raleigh, USA.
  • Prof. M. Wuttig, Physics-I, RWTH, Achen, Germany.
  • Prof. Istvan Vajda, Department of Electrical Machines and Drives, BUTE, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Prof. J. I. B. Wilson, Department Of Physics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK.
  • Prof. J Vedel, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Paris, Paris, France.