During 1971

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 1971

Student NameResearch Title Supervisor Name
Singh, Om Pal A study of neutron wave and pulsed neutron problems in multiplying and now multiplying assemblies Ghatak, A.K.
( Physics - IITD )
Kotaiah, K Sai Swami Optical magnetic and transport properties of some impurity doped alkali halide crystals. Jain, S.C.
(Physics - IITD)
Sarnot, Shanti Lal Theory,design and some applications of tunnel diode triggers Bhattacharyya, A.B.
Raj Kamal Mossbauer studies and magnetic interactions in non-metallic crystals Mendiratta, R.G.
( Physics - IITD )
Padmanabhan, G R Some aspects of Silicon solar cells in terrestrial environment Bhaskar Rao, A
( Physics - IITD )
Malhotra, L K Vapour phase growth of various forms of Cadmium sulphide crystals Sharma, S.D.
( Physics - IITD )
Gupta, Hem Chandra Studies in lattice dynamics of metals- a pseudopotential approach Tripathi, B.B.
( M.Inst.P. - London )