During 1986

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 1986

Student NameResearch Title Supervisor Name
Tiwari, Ayodhya Nath Spray-pyrolysed Coppor Indium Sulphide films for Photovoltaic Applications Chopra, K.L. ( Physics - IITD )
Singh, Satbir Effect of tetravalent impurities on the microstructural, magnetic and electrical properties of Ni0.58Zn0.40Fe2.04O4+8 Ferrite system Das, B.K. ( National Physical Laboratory - New Delhi )
Bansal, Tarsem Kumar D.C.resistivity and structural investigations of Barium boro-vanadate glases containing iron Mendiratta, R.G. ( Physics - IITD )
Gupta, Pramod Kumar Inorganic thin film materials for microlithography Chopra, K.L. ( Physics - IITD )
Saxena, Anil Kumar Growth of SnO2: F by CVD and n+SnO2 Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD )
Kaul, Ashok Nath Studies on single model integrated optical waveguides and directional couplers Thyagarajan, K ( Physics - IITD )
Satyendra Kumar Ellipsometric studies of some structural aspects of amorphous Si, Ge-Si films Pandya, D.K. ( Physics - IITD )
Subrahmanyam, Vaddi Rama Study of Laser Intensity Fluctuations in random and non-linear media Chopra, S. ( Physics - IITD )
Soni, Ravi Kant Resonant Raman Scattering in III-V alloy semiconductor Jain, K.P. ( Physics - IITD )
Ashokan, R Raman study of Ion-Implanted and Pulse Laser Annealed Gallium Arsenide Jain, K.P. ( Physics - IITD )
Sarkar, Somenath A study of the propagation characteristics of circular and elliptical core monomode optical fibres Ghatak, A.K. ( Physics - IITD )
Garg, Sadhana ;Ms. Thermal properties of binary alloys Gupta, H.C. ( Physics - IITD )
Kanchan, Dinesh Kumar Mossbauer spectroscopic and other physical studies on semiconducting Sodium-vanadate glasses Mendiratta, R.G. ( Physics - IITD )
Sharma, Bal Krishna Some studies on electrical and structural behaviour of Borate-Glasses Mathur, S.C. ( Physics - IITD )
Agarwal, Vandna ;Ms. Synthesis, Microstructure and Mechanical properties of Chromium Carbide and Chromium Nitride films Chopra, K.L. ( Physics - IITD )
Das, Salil Kumar Electrostatic and electromagnetic instabilities in plasmas Sodha, M.S. ( Physics - IITD )
Muralidhar, Chaturvedula Investigations on the preparation and characterization of Barium titanate(BaTio3)/polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) composites Pillai, P.K.C. ( Physics - IITD )
Shukla, Aniruddha Kumar Raman study of Ion-Implanted and Laser Annealed Silicon Jain, K.P. ( Physics - IITD )
Saraswat, Ashok K A study of conductivity and dielectric behaviour of some silver superionic conductors Dube, D.C. ( Physics - IITD )