During 2005

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2005

Student NameResearch Title Supervisor Name
Pande, Kamna Studies on broadband dispersion compensating fibres and fibre amplifiers Pal, Bishnu P.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Singh, Vidya Nand Structural,optical and gas sensing properties of In203:Ag composites nanoparticle layers Mehta, B.R.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
John, Renu ; Ms. Investigations on content-addressable holographic memories and optical data security Singh, Kehar
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Aruna, I ; Ms. Structural,optical and electrical properties of Gadolinium nanoparticle layers for Hydrogen induced suitchable mirrors Malhotra, L.K.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )Mehta, B.R.
( Physics - IIT Delhi )
Tiwari, Pawan Kumar Interaction of high power laser with cliesters,Gases and plasmas Tripathi, V.K.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Kakkar, Charu ; Ms. Studies on fiber designs for enhanced optical fiber amplifier performance Thyagarajan, K.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Sarma, Amarendra kumar. Variational and numerical study of solution switching in two and three core couplers with higher-order perturbations. Kumar, Ajit
(Physics - IITD )
Rao, Duggi Venkata Sridhara. Transmission eletron microscopy studies of gaas based epitaxial layers. Vankar, V.D.
(PH - IITD )Muraleedharan, k.
( DMRL - Hyderabad )