During 2007

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2007

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Sarma, Amarendra Kumar Variational and numerical study of soliton switching in two and three core couplers with higher-order perturbations Kumar,Ajit
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Mohanta, Sanjay Kumar Optical property of low-dimension semiconductors. Soni, R.K
Kumar, Sandeep Electromagnetic waves and plasma interaction in view of particle acceleration Malik,Hitendra K.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Kumar, Naveen Relativistic laser guiding and its implications for electron acceleration and x-ray generation in plasmas Tripathi, V.K.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Sawhney, B.K.
(Physics - IIT Delhi )
Chandra, Mukesh Prepartion and studies of ferrites in nannostructure,composite thick film and bulk forms for high frequency applications. Dube, Dinesh C.
(PHY - IITD )Kashyap, Subhash
( PHY - IITD )
Rao, Duggi Venkata Sridhara Transmission eletron microscopy studies of gaas based epitaxial layers. Vankar, V.D.
(PH - IITD )Muraleedharan, k.
( DMRL - Hyderabad ),
Muralidharan, R.
(SSPL - Lucknow)
Dasgupta, Sonali ; Ms. Studies on photonic bandgap bragg fibers and waeguides. Pal, Bishue P.
(PH - IITD )Shenoy, M.R.
( PH - IITD )
Anjali ; Ms. Compositional study of passivant mercury cadmium terruride interface. Srivastava, Pankaj
(PH - IITD )Sehgal, H.K.
( PH - IITD )
Bhatti, Kanwal Preet ; Ms. Synthesis and studies of ZnO based room temperature ferromagnetic semiconductor systems Chaudhury, Sujeet
(PHY - IITD )Pandya, D.K.
( PHY - IITD )
Srivastava, Sanjay Kumar Growth of carbon nanostructures by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and their field emission properties Vankar, V.D.
(PHY - IITD )Kumar, Vikram
(Director - National Physical Lab)
Vinayak, Seema Microstructural and electrical characterization of ni-cr thin films for resistors in gaas mmics Vankar, V.D.
(PHY - IITD )Vyas, H.P.
(Ex-Director - Solid State Physics Lab)
Shishodia, Manmohan Singh Numerical methods for simulation of diffusion and wave propagation Sharma, Anurag
(PHY - IITD )Redy, G.B.
( PHY - IITD )
Abbas, Sayed Mohammad Prepartion and characterization of microwave lossy materials. Chtterjee, Ratnamala
Goel, T.C.
(Director - BITS- Pilani)