During 2011

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2011

Student NameResearch Title Supervisor Name
Kumar, Manish Coherent radiation generation by particle beams and nonlinear mixing of lasers Tripathi, V. K. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Meena, Ram Swaroop Preparation and characterization of U-type hexaferrites for microwave absorption Chatterjee, Ratanamala (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Sharma, Sudesh Preparation and study of transition metal doped titanium dioxide for spintronic applications Chaudhary, Sujeet (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Kashyap, Subhash C. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Kumari, Kusum (Ms.) Studies on structural, optical and charge transport properties of conjugated polymer: CdSe nanocomposites Vankar, V. D. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Vikram Kumar (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Gupta, Arti(Ms.) Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic composites Chatterjee, Ratnamala (prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Bajaj, Geetika Pulsed laser ablation of metal oxide nanoparticles and gold-metal oxide nanocomposites: synthesis and optical properties Soni, R. K. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Tripathi, Saurabh Mani Studies on sensors based on gratings in optical waveguides and multimode interference effects in optical fibers Arun Kumar (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Meunier, Jean-Pierre (Prof.) - USE, France;
Vyas, Sunil Generation of optical vortex lattices Senthilkumaran, P. (Assoc. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Bezawada, Nagaraju Studies on speciality optical fibers and all-fiber devices Pal, Bishnu P. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Varshney, R. K. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Verma, Rajneesh Kumar Studies on surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic sensors with different probe designs Gupta, B. D. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Srivastava, Triranjita Studies on plasmonic waveguide and devices Arun Kumar (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Kumar, Mukesh Structural, optical and gas sensing properties of indium oxide nanostructures grown by thermal chemical vapor deposition technique Singh, J. P. (Assoc. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Mehta, B. R. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Singh, Gautam Structural, dielectric, and photonic studies on certain types of liquid crystals Prakash, G. Vijaya (Assoc. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Biradar, A. M. (Scientist) - NPL, New Delhi;
Nagar, Rupali Effect of ion irradiation on mechanical properties of nanostructures investigated by force-distance spectroscopy and nanoindentation Singh, J. P. (Associ. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Mehta, B. R. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Upadhyay, Brahma Nand Analytical and exprimental studies on Yb-doped double-clad CW and pulsed fiber lasers Thyagarajan, K. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Shenoy, M. R. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Singh, Narendra Investigations on information security techniques using chaotic maps Sinha, Aloka (Assi. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Sharma, Bhupendra Kumar Synthesis and characterization of ZnO: thin films, nanostructures, polymer/nano ZnO composites and ZnO based heterojunction Neeraj Khare (Associ. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;
Kuley, Animesh linear and parametric instabilities in auxiliary heating and current drive in tokamak Prof. V.K. Tripathi - PH, IIT Delhi;
Kumar, Hardeep study of ni : sio2 and feco : sio2 granular films prepared by atom beam sputtering technique Dr. Santanu Ghosh - PH, IIT Delhi;
Preet Singh, Sarab study of phase evolution, interfacial and optical properties of amorphous silicon nitride thin films Dr. Pankaj Srivastava - PH, IIT Delhi;
Kumar, Arvind IN-Medium properties of hadrons Dr. Amruta Mishra - PH, IIT Delhi;
Sharma, Manoj Kumar Synthesis and study of dilute magnetic oxides Kanjilal, D. (Scientist - H) - IUAC, New Delhi; Chatterjee, Ratnamala (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi
Prerana(Ms) Studies on optical sensors based on optrodes and side-polished optical fiber half-couplers Pal, B. P. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Gupta, B. D. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi;