Research Areas

The Department of Physics started in 1961 and since then has been one of the most popular physics departments among other institutes across the country. The department has an international research reputation, with a many research contacts across the globe. In the last ten years, the department received more than Rs. 25 Crores worth sponsored research projects and our faculty strength was nationally and internationally recognized through many awards/fellowships. Apart from excellent facilities from individual and/or research groups, the department procured many cutting-edge technology instruments as central facilities.

Research in our department is traditionally organized within the Broad research areas of:

  • Condensed Matter (Theory and experiment)
  • Optics & Photonics (Theory and experiment)
  • Plasma and Nuclear Physics (Theory and Experiment).

Our department has potential for innovative and multidisciplinary research focusing on emerging areas such as nanoscience research , data storage & information technology, optoelectronics and optical communications. We respond to recent trends in research to provide expertise, tools and information to our students and collaborators, to conduct research beyond our departmental boundaries. Our emerging areas , though not limited to, are :

  • Advanced Functional Materials
  • Magnetics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Applied & Fiber Optics
  • Nano-Photonics
  • Nano-fabrication & Analysis
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Plasma Physics