Research Projects (RP) details of the last 3 years

CodeTitlePI/COPISpon. Orgn.Value(Rs.)
RP02481Studies on Polorization Maintaining FibersB.P. PalDRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.996000.00
RP02480Laser Driven Ion Acceleration and ApplicationsV.K. TripathiCouncil of Scientific & Industrial Research Rs.394000.00
RP02461V-Shaped Switching in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals. Aloka Sinha Department of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.2261900.00
RP02455Innovative Light Extraction Technology for White OLEDJoby Joseph Department of Information Technology Rs.14623700.00
RP02452Auxiliary Heating and Current Drive in TokamakV.K. TripathiDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1719800.00
RP02444Investigating the Role of Hydrogen in Metal Oxide Nanotubes.Bodh RajDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.2338423.00
RP02433Studies on Indium Tin Oxide Based Optical Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance SensorsB.D. GuptaCouncil of Scientific & Industrial Research Rs.1035212.00
RP02405Study of Complex Spin Systems using Graph Cut techniques. Varsha BanerjeeDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1838880.00
RP02396Plasma Based Thz Generation Using Femtosecond Lasers Hitendra Kumar MalikDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.361200.00
RP02386Development and Characterization of Piezoelectric Thin Films for MEMS Accelerometer Ratanamala Chatterjee DRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.1150000.00
RP02384Studies on Laser-Driven Proton AcceleratorV.K. TripathiDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1584000.00
RP02378Modeling and Simulation of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) based Field EmittersV.D. Vankar DRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.2428800.00
RP02367Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Fiber Optics based High-Power Laser Beam Combiner M.R. Shenoy Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Dept. of Atomic Ene Rs.340000.00
RP02356Electron Transport in Graphene: Effect of Electromagnetic Potential Barriers, impurities and electron-electron InteractionsSankalpa Ghosh/Manish Sharma Department of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1367400.00
RP02353Photoluminescence based Contact-less gas Sensing Studies of Indium Oxide Nanostructures.Bodh RajCouncil of Scientific & Industrial Research Rs.1620000.00
RP02325Correlation Between Magnetic Properties and Electronic Structure of Transparent Oxide FilmsPankaj Srivastava Department of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.2580000.00
RP02325Correlation Between Magnetic Properties and Electronic Structure of Transparent Oxide FilmsSantanu GhoshDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.2580000.00
RP02324Study of Temperature Dependence of Electrical Trasport in Novel Materials. Neeraj Khare Dept. of Atomic Energy (BRNS) Rs.2456700.00
RP02312To Carry out required Studies & Prepare Status Document on Photonics Crystals and MatamaterialsJoby Joseph Instruments Research & Development Establishment Rs.915900.00
RP02300Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor/Metal Nanoparticles for Optical/Electronic DevicesA.K. Shukla Department of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.3369200.00
RP02292Euro-India Forum for Nanomaterials Research Coordination and Cooperation in Sustainable Energy TechnologiesBodh RajEuropean Commission Rs.1579479.00
RP02258Investigation of Metal-semiconductor Contacts on GaN Epitaxial Layers and Bulk Crystals for Potential Device Applications. Rajendra SinghSolid State Physics Laboratory Rs.1985000.00
RP02256Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency Using surface Plasmon Excitation from Metal Nanoparticles Bodh RajDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1884000.00
RP02248Development of Soft Magnetic Materials by Using Microwave E/H Field Separation H.C. GuptaDRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.1482000.00
RP02248Development of Soft Magnetic Materials by Using Microwave E/H Field Separation S.C. Kashyap DRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.1482000.00
RP02241Fabrication and Submicron Tailoring of Materials for Photonics Applications with Ultra Fast LasersK. ThyagarajanOffice of the Principal Scientific Adviser, GoI Rs.1568450.00
RP02215Novel Magnetic Naomaterials for SpintronicsD.K. Pandya International Division, Dept. of Science & Techn. Rs.517800.00
RP02207Remnant Strain Measurements of Lead Based System for Shape Memory EffectRatanamala Chatterjee DRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.1418000.00
RP02203Terahertz Radiation GenerationD.RanganathanDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.2730853.00
RP02203Terahertz Radiation GenerationV.K. TripathiDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.2730853.00
RP02175Surface Plasmon Resonance based Fibre Optic Sensors Utilizing Metal NanoparticlesB.D. GuptaDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.3021797.00
RP02167Zine Oxide Nanowires and Nanostructures Films for Novel Device ApplicationsNeeraj Khare International Division, Dept. of Science & Techn. Rs.2688000.00
RP02163Competition of Exchange Interactions and Function Properties of Novel Metamagnetic Shape Memory Alloy Ni-Mn-Z(Z=In,Sn,Sb,AI)Ratanamala Chatterjee International Division, Dept. of Science & Techn. Rs.1276440.00
RP02150Studies on Ionization Effects on Soliton Propagation in Magnetized Plasmas Hitendra Kumar MalikDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1119360.00
RP02136Development of Graphite Nanoplatelets/Cement Nanocomposites for Absorption Dominated EMI Shielding: A material of strategic Importance. Ratanamala Chatterjee DRDO, Ministry of Defence Rs.1020000.00
RP02133Investigation of Static and Dynamic Magnetic Properties of Nanomagnetic SystemsVarsha BanerjeeDepartment of Science & Technology (DST) Rs.1764000.00
RP02102Investigation Studies for Design, Modeling Fabrication and Characterisation of Fiber Bragg Gratings for Sensor ApplicationsAnurag SharmaCouncil of Scientific & Industrial Research Rs.1096404.00