Santanu Ghosh

Santanu Ghosh
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas,New Delhi-110016
Tel:+91-11-2659 1348 (O)

Areas of Interest:

Nano Photonic,nonlinear optics and quantum fuctional materials.

About Prof. Santanu Ghosh

Santanu Ghosh is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics. He obtained his Ph.D. degrees in Physics from Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi India. His present research interests are Thin Films, Nanodimensional growth of materails, Ferromgnetic semiconductor, Magnetic nanocomposites and modification of materials with energetic ions.

Selected recent publications:

  • S. Ghosh, D. Kanjilal, M. saurav, B. Pandey and P. Kumar, Radiation Effects and Defetc in Solids 163 (2008) 215.
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  • Y. K. Mishra, V. Chakravandhula, U. Schrüman, H. Kumar, D. Kabiraj, S. Ghosh, V. Zpaorotchenko, D. K. Avasthi and F. Faupel, Nucl. Instr. And Meth. In Phys. Res. B 266 (2008) 1804.