Spin Torque-Generated Magnetic Droplet Solitons


Dissipative solitons have been reported in a wide range of nonlinear systems, but the observation of their magnetic analog has been experimentally challenging. Using spin transfer torque underneath a nanocontact on a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA), we have observed the generation of dissipative magnetic droplet solitons and report on their rich dynamical properties. Micromagnetic simulations identify a wide range of automodulation frequencies, including droplet oscillatory motion, droplet “spinning,” and droplet “breather” states. The droplet can be controlled by using both current and magnetic fields and is expected to have applications in spintronics, magnonics, and PMA-based domain-wall devices. Message from Dr. P. K. Muduli (Department of Physics, IIT Delhi) This is a result our collaboration with the Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and the North Carolina State University, USA. We have successfully demonstrated the first experimental observation of the so-called magnetic nano-droplets, which was predicted some 35 years ago. This scientific breakthrough is published in the leading scientific journal Science. This is a fundamental discovery but has significant implications for telecommunication applications, and spin-wave based computing.

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Dr. P. K. Muduli

Department of Physics