Upconversion emission from Color-Tunable Er3+/Tm3+/Yb3+-Codoped KLaF4 Nanophosphors for Biological Applications


Heavily doped nanocrystals of KLaF4 with rare earth (RE3+ = Er3+, Tm3+, and Yb3+) ions prepared by a simple one-step template-free wet-chemical route have been reported. Precisely defined molar ratios of heavily dopant RE3+ ions allow us to achieve wide color upconversion (UC) emission tunability (blue, green to yellow–orange–red) and white light, without any morphology and structure changes. For the first time, the key role of sensitizer (Yb3+) for UC emission energy transfer to Er3+ and/or Tm3+ is experimentally demonstrated. The evidence of upconversion photoluminescence excitation spectra reveals a broad safe biological excitation window (690–1040 nm), which can be well demonstrated by low-cost NIR diode lasers/LEDs. The applicability of these cubic nanophosphors is demonstrated as light-emitting polymer composite coatings and blocks for LEDs and solar cell panels. These well-dispersed UC nanocrystals can also be found to have greater use in bioimaging and spectral studies.

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Mohammad Adnan, Mohini Gupta and Prof. G. Vijaya Prakash

Department of Physics