Sponsored Research Projects through IRD (Current Year)

For the Academic Year: 2013-2014
Code Title PI/COPI Spon. Orgn. Value(Rs.)
RP02830 Synthesis and Characterization of Graphenes/Carbon Nanostructures by Pulsed Laser Ablation V.D. VANKAR Department of Science & Technology (DST) India 5490000.00
RP02828 Fabrication of Vertically Standing GaN Nano-Rods and Nano-Wires using Nano-Masking and Etching Techniques for Applications in Nano-PN Junctions and Nano-LEDs RAJENDRA SINGH International Division, Dept. of Science & Techn. Germany 530000.00
RP02826 Rayleigh-Taylor and Two-Stream Instabilities in Maginetized Plasmas under Ionization Effect HITENDRA KUMAR MALIK Council of Scientific & Industrial Research India 669500.00
RP02812 High Resolution Holographic Microscope for 3D Imaging of Live Biological Cells KEDAR BHALCHANDRA KHARE Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Sc.& Tech India 3836000.00
RP02810 Develop and Fabricate Non Dispersive IR based (NDIR) based CO2 Gas sensors for Industrial and Medical care MUKESH CHANDER Department of Science & Technology (DST) India 2161544.00
RP02809 Blue Inorganic Coatings on Glass SUJEET CHAUDHARY Saint Gobin Research India Limited, Sigapi Aachi B India 3120000.00
RP02796 Plasma based Strong and Tunable THz Radiations Generation HITENDRA KUMAR MALIK Department of Science & Technology (DST) India 1320000.00
RP02781 Nanocomposites of Graphene and Size-Selected Pd, Pt and Pd-Pt Alloy Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Sensing Applications BODH RAJ Directorate of Extramural Research & Intellectual India 4988000.00
RP02775 Low Temperature Raman Spectoscopy of Carbon Nanostructures A.K. SHUKLA Department of Science & Technology (DST) India 4228000.00
RP02772 Design and Development of Naturally Self-Assembled Inorganic-Organic Hybrids for Photonic Applications GADDAM VIJAYA PRAKASH Department of Science & Technology (DST) India 4389759.00