Sponsored Research Projects through IRD (Current Year)

For the Academic Year: 2012-2013
Code Title PI/COPI Spon. Orgn. Value(Rs.)
RP02752 Design and Analysis of Optical Microstructured Fibre-Based Terahertz Source for Transmission and Applications R.K. VARSHNEY UK-India Education & Res. Initiative (UKIERI) United Kingdom 2204800.00
RP02699 Collaborative Research and Education under IIT Delhi- BNERC, Toyo University Joint Bio-Nano Mission Program JOBY JOSEPH Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre, Toyo Univeri Japan 12060000
RP02686 Field Emission Imaging with Nanostructured Composite Materials SANTANU GHOSH Council of Scientific & Industrial Research India 871667.00
RP02653 Study of Ion Implantation-Induced Layer Splitting of Ge and GaSb for Potential Heterointegration Applications RAJENDRA SINGH Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (DAE) India 2459500.00
For the Academic Year: 2011-2012
Code Title PI/COPI Spon. Orgn. Value(Rs.)
RP02684 To Strengthen the Research Facilities in the Area of Ultra Fast Optics in the Department of Physics, IIT Delhi K. THYAGARAJAN Department of Science & Technology (DST) India 69000000.00
RP02620 Split Site Ph.D. and Student Exchange Research Programme on Nano Self-Assembled Photonic Systems UKIERI Phase 2, Strand 4 under Joint Masters & Split Site Ph.D. Scheme GADDAM VIJAYA PRAKASH UK-India Education & Res. Initiative (UKIERI) United Kingdom 2855737.00
RP02614 On-Line H detection and in-situ Structural Investigation of Silicon Nitride Based Solar Cell with Pelletron Accelerator SANTANU GHOSH International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna Austria 469799.00
RP02531 Development of Novel Materials, Device Structures and Fabrication Methods for Thinfilm Solar Cells and TCOs including Organic Photovoltaics Gaddam Vijaya Prakash Department of Science & Technology (DST) 562000.00
RP02528 Studies on Helicon wave plasmas produced by Antennas inside Conducting Cylindrical Waveguides R.D.Tarey Dept. of Atomic Energy (BRNS) 2215300.00
RP02526 Design and Development of KTP based Tunable Optical Parametric Oscillator M.R. Shenoy LASER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CENTRE,D.R.D.O. (MOD) 2857920.00