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Theoretical evidence for unexpected O-rich phases at corners of MgO surfaces Valence Change Bipolar Resistive Switching Accompanied With Magnetization Switching in CoFe2O4 Thin Film Vertically standing nanoporous Al–Ag zig-zag silver nanorods arrays for highly active SERS substrates Spur-line based magnetically tunable bandstop filter using partially magnetized ferrite thin films Crossover between magnetic and electric edges in quantum Hall systems Time-domain stability of parametric synchronization in a spin-torque nano-oscillator based on a magnetic tunnel junction ZnO-Nanowires-Coated Smart Surface Mesh with Reversible Wettability for Efficient On-Demand Oil/Water A fast and effective approach for reversible wetting-dewetting transitions on ZnO nanowires Unraveling the role of vacancies in the potentially promising thermoelectric clathrates Ba8ZnxGe46−x−y▢y