Seminars/Invited Talks

  • Mr. Ahram Kim
    High Accuracy Atomic Force Microscope with Self-Optimizing Scan Control
    27/10/2014 (All day)
    3:00 PM at
    IRD conference Hall - Main building, I-floor (7th floor), IIT Delhi
  • Samindranath Mitra, Editor, Physical Review Letters
    Physical Review Letters today
    07/11/2014 (All day)
    5:00 PM at
    MS 412, Physics Department
  • Prof. S.M. Shivaprasad
    Multi-functional manifestations of III-Nitride nanostructures and films
    22/09/2014 (All day)
    4:30 PM at
    MS 418, Physics Department
  • Dr. Sujin Babu
    Irreversible to reversible aggregation of Colloidal particles
    13/09/2014 (All day)
    5:15 PM at
    MS 418
  • Dr. V. K. Anand
    Cluster-glass behavior in CeRuSn3 and PrRhSn3
    09/09/2014 (All day)
    5:00 PM at
    MS 412, Physics Department
  • Prof. Bodh Raj Mehta
    Controllable Growth of Nanostructures
    21/08/2014 (All day)
    5:15 P.M at
    MS 418
  • Shiv K. Sharma
    Standoff Raman Spectroscopy for Detection of Inorganic and Organic Materials to 100 m Distance
    07/07/2014 (All day)
    11.30 A.M. at
    Committee Room (Physics Department)
  • Prof. A. K. Nigam
    Heusler Alloys: Magnetic materials with multifunctional properties
    27/03/2014 (All day)
    11 A.M. at
    MS 418, Physics Department
  • Dr. Gopal Dixit
    X-ray Free-Electron Laser: A Revolution in Science
    10/02/2014 (All day)
    4:00 P.M at
    MS 717
  • Prof. Stephen C. Rand
    New Science for Solar Energy
    22/01/2014 (All day)
    4:30 P.M at
    MS 717