8th February 2021

Laser-induced inter-ion migration and the effect of different long alkylammonium halide functionalization on CH3NH3Pb(BrxI1-x)3 colloidal nanoparticles

The laser-induced phase segregation effect and dynamic evolution of room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) from mixed halide colloidal 3D perovskite nanoparticles of are presented. UV laser-assisted compositional changes are observed when the nanoparticles are surface-functionalized with different halide based long alkylammonium moieties (C8H17NH3X; X=Cl, Br or I). The results are direct evidence of laser-assisted reversible phase segregation, halide ion diffusion from surface ligand to nanoparticles, and the effect of surface functionalization on photo-assisted bandgap engineering. These studies provide a broad understanding of various dynamically evolving emission pathways in such mixed hybrid materials when they are functionalized with diverse halide based organic moieties. This is published Applied Surface Science (May 2020). .


Authors : Mohammad Adnan, Pawan K Kanaujia and G. Vijaya Prakash

MS-415, 3rd floor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz khas, New Delhi, 110 016, India