8th February 2021

Deep learning architecture "LightOCT" for diagnostic decision support usingoptical coherence tomography images of biological samples

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is being increasingly adopted as a non-invasive technique for cancer and ocular diseasediagnosis. Diagnostic information is manifest in textural and geometric features of the OCT images, which are used by human expertise to interpret and triage. Here, a custom deep learning network, LightOCT, isproposed for the classification of OCT images. LightOCTis a convolutional neural network with only two convolutional layers and a fully connectedlayer, but it is shown to provide excellent training and test results for diverse OCT imagedatasets.

Biomedical Optics Express: 

Contact author:

Ankit Butola, P. Senthilkumaran and Dalip Singh Mehta

MS-415, 3rd floor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz khas, New Delhi, 110 016, India