8th February 2021

Investigation of longitudinal spatial coherence for electromagnetic optical fields


For light fields, the coherence in longitudinal direction is governed by both the frequency spectra and angular spectra they possess. In this work, we develop and report a theoretical formulation to demonstrate the effect of the angular spectra of electromagnetic light fields in quantifying their longitudinal spatial coherence. The experimental results obtained by measuring the electromagnetic longitudinal spatial coherence and degree of cross-polarization of uniformly polarized light fields for different angular spectra validate the theoretical findings. These results are expected to be useful in characterizing the coherence properties of most general form of EM fields (such as natural light fields) which exhibit both the partial correlations and arbitrary divergence features.

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Dr. Bhaskar KANSERI

Department of Physics


MS-415, 3rd floor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz khas, New Delhi, 110 016, India