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7 Partially spatially coherent digital holographic microscopy and machine learning for quantitative analysis of human spermatozoa under oxidative stress condition
8 Stability of non-metal dopants to tune the photo-absorption of TiO2 at realistic temperatures and oxygen partial pressures: A hybrid DFT study
9 Investigation of longitudinal spatial coherence for electromagnetic optical fields
11 Self energy and excitonic effect in (un)doped TiO2 anatase: a comparative study of hybrid DFT, GW and BSE to explore optical properties
10 Band Gap Engineering in Cs2(NaxAg1-x)BiCl6 Double Perovskite Nanocrystals
12 Neutron diffraction and magnetic properties of Co2Cr1-xTixAl Heusler alloys
13 Linear and nonlinear optical probing of various excitons in 2D inorganic-organic hybrid structures
14 Facile growth of polymer-based Inorganic-Organic 2D hybrid composites for flexible optoelectronics
15 Role of defects in MAPbI3 to modulate optical absorption, and solar efficiency
16 Weak Antilocalization and Quantum Oscillations of Surface States in Topologically Nontrivial DyPdBi(110)Half Heusler alloy
17 Non-volatile resistive switching in oxide ion conductor BiYO3 thin films
18 Giant Optical Nonlinearities of Photonic Minibands in Metal-Dielectric Multilayers
19 Laser-induced inter-ion migration and the effect of different long alkylammonium halide functionalization on CH3NH3Pb(BrxI1-x)3 colloidal nanoparticles
20 Direct measurement of interfacial Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction at the MoS2/Ni80Fe20 interface (Editor’s-pick)
21 Strong structural phase sensitive rare-earth photoluminescence color flips in KLaF4:RE3+ (RE3+ = Eu3+, Er3+/Yb3+) nanocrystals
22 Unscrambling entanglement through a complex medium
23 Deep learning architecture "LightOCT" for diagnostic decision support usingoptical coherence tomography images of biological samples
24 High spatially sensitive quantitative phase imaging assisted with deep neural network for classification of human spermatozoa under stressed condition
25 Rectification of twitching bacteria through narrow channels: A numerical simulations study
26 Determination of polarization structures of an electromagnetic beam after passing through lens systems
27 True 3D reconstruction in digital holography, Journal of Physics: Photonics 2, 044004 (2020)1
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